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Powergate v3.86 personal obd programmer Powergate master v3.86 With Powergate v3.86 software

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    Powergate v3.86 personal obd programmer is also called Powergate pro v3.86. Powergate master v3.86 With Powergate v3.86 software. Powergate pro v3.86 personal obd programmer communication K-LINE, CAN and J1850 protocols.

    Powergate v3.86 personal obd programmer Powergate master v3.86 With Powergate v3.86 software

    Powergate pro v3.86 personal obd programmer Powergate V3.86 - Personal OBD Programmer

    Powergate v3.86 software download Free:

     Powergate V3.86 Personal OBD programmer.rar

    Powergate v3.86 Car List

    Powergate v3.86 User Guide

    Powergate v3.86 personal obd programmer Description:

    Powergate pro v3.86 is the most versatile device ever created for serial programming via diagnostic plug. By using all the newer protocols of communication (K-LINE, CAN and J1850), Powergate can read and write the Electronic Control Unit of many vehicles on the market.

    Powergate master v3.86 has an internal memory which can contain, in addition to the original file, two different maps. In this way, the owner of the vehicle has always at his disposal two different developing steps of the map, to be uploaded on the ECU at any moment.

    Updating protocols of communication has never been so easy: a connection to the internet and a few minutes are all it is required to access Alientech Data Bank for downloading everything is needed to make Powergate operative on the largest number of vehicles as possible. This solution was studied for different operating situations, as it is suitable both to professional tuners who want to propose a product always up-to-date, than to users who make use of Powergate solely on their own cars. A very versatile device with first-class features.

    The display of items on its large screen is very simple. The device itself will guide you through the reading and writing of the ECU, with clear and detailed instructions. Another interesting innovation of Powergate is the option to quickly and easily check and erase DTC Errors.

    PWGpro 3.86 is the software to manage Powergate, a simple interface that guides user from choosing the vehicle, to saving and uploading several mapping files, ready to be written directly on the vehicle.


    To better meet our customers' needs, Powergate is proposed in the following versions, each addressed to a different target:
    Powergate M - available from version M01 to M12, is addressed to professional tuner only for programming vehicles of a certain brand.


    Alientech gives his dealers the opportunity to customize Powergate with their company logo or a personal brand. You can customize your faceplate, using any pattern and color. You can even customize the software interface and the logo that is shown on the display when you turn on the device, thus your customized Powergate becomes the winning solution for promoting your own brand.

    Minimal Requirements

    Powergate II is compatible only with Windows XP.

    Use Tip:

    Your computer can't install the antivirus program ,when you running the tool,please closed the fire dam.




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